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Welcome to Cape Convoy

You want to experience Cape Town. Right? Well we want to make sure you do it in style.

Cape Convoy will whisk you around the Peninsula’s highlights with panache, stopping off at spectacular viewpoints, visiting beautiful sites and saying hi to the penguins. Cape Convoy will show you the mother city in all her glory. Fun, excitement & adventure at every turn, join the convoy and let the good times roll!

Take time to explore our website. You can meet the guides, watch some videos of our tours, and get the full low-down on what we do and how we do it.

Please watch this important video before you book.

The full day Cape Point is one of our most popular adventures, and with good reason. We will show you the fairest cape in style and leave no stone unturned in our mission to show you everything Cape Town has to offer.

New friends, awe inspiring beauty, and lots and lots of wine are the ingredients to one of the most enjoyable days of your holiday

The world in one country. The world famous Garden Route is a must for any visitor to South Africa who wants to experience our beautiful country at her best

Great White Shark Diving, it is just awesome on so many levels.

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