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Welcome to Cape Convoy

The full day Cape Convoy Cape Peninsula tour is outstanding. We leave early, don't sit in traffic, we avoid the crowds, we don't wait in lines and have a lot of fun. Cape Convoy is a tour company that likes to avoid tourists. Tours for the 1%

  • Affordable Private Tours
  • Affordable Group Tours
  • Avoid the crowds
  • Avoid tour busses
  • No queues / lines
  • Chapmans Peak Drive
  • Incredibly informative
  • Great fun
  • Outstanding value for money
  • By far the best way to explore the Cape Peninsula

Please watch this important video before you book

Everybody loves the world famous Cape Convoy Full Day Cape Peninsula Tour. It is great fun for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. Join the Convoy today let the good times roll. Memories are forever - the time is now.

Meet the owner of Cape Convoy, Robert Salmon as he explaines the enormous benefits of booking your tour with Cape Convoy.

The world in one country. The world famous Garden Route is a must for any visitor to South Africa who wants to experience our beautiful country at her best

New friends, awe inspiring beauty, and lots and lots of wine are the ingredients to one of the most enjoyable days of your holiday

Is that cats being skinned alive I hear? Nope, it's the Cape Convoy music video.

Great White Shark Diving, it is just awesome on so many levels.